SAG/Aftra ACTOR ID 11283840

“I have worked with hundreds of Actors in the past 25 years. Lawrence is and always will be on top of my List. He's not only extremely professional but also a very easy to direct Actor, pays attention and follows through. I feel sorry for any Casting Director that lets Lawrence get lost in the shuffle. He should be noticed almost immediately, hired and kept on their Definitely Call Again List. FYI, Larry 'dies' excitingly ”
Carlos Etzio Roman: Award-Winning Director, Producer, Actor, Owner of Roman Pictures
"You are a Talent and a true Professional Lawrence. It was a pleasure to Cast you in Wish You Well!" 
Erica Arvold: VA Casting Director
“Larry worked with us on the Pilot episode for our ground-breaking reality series "Yard Sale 411." He was brought in as an actor to portray someone browsing at the yard sales. He did an outstanding job. I have looked at the editor's cuts and Larry's contribution is topnotch and you can tell -- Larry is an outstanding Actor with Talent. I could only find maybe one other actor in the project whose talents were on Larry's level. Awesome actor, highly recommend him for your Project!”
Mark K. Moran: Director, Producer, Composer, Writer at Breadwin Productions
“Lawrence Whitener has been a great resource for me in the past several films I have produced. He's been willing to jump in and give me a Character that only few could pull off. He's reliable, directable, punctual, pleasant and professional! I gladly recommend him and am available for personal follow up on Lawrence if a Director/Producer would wish to speak with me!”
Connie Lamothe: Award-Winning Director, Producer, Actor, Owner of CCL Productions
“Larry…YOU are a Great Actor!”

Darnell Martin: Director and Screenwriter
Donna McKenna: International Casting Director
"Larry is a uniquely Talented man. It's always a pleasure working with Larry and watching him grow as an Actor. He brings life to every Character he portrays!"
"Lawrence Whitener is a Joy! When he shows up on Set he brings with him a nuanced-Character who always Listens before he reacts.” 
Wayne Shipley: Director of Eric Roberts in “Day Of The Gun"

Larry sees the heart of the actor’s journey & illuminates the soul with in! He is gifted & guided by means connected to the Core. As an Actor he is, focused, grounded and creates the maximum effect with the least amount of effort. When you work with him, you will know instantly. It’s just one of those magic things – that when you meet, you feel so very… very… lucky!!!”
John Pallotta: Award-Winning Playwright, Actor,
Master Coach
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"My Good Friend Lawrence Whitener, a great wrestler and greater Actor. A fellow great writer."

David Baldacci: Author, Screenwriter, Producer
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